Update Table A column from Table B

update TableA set col = TableB.col
from TableA, TableB
where TableA.matchCol = TableB.matchCol

Build SQL from Excel sheet

Use this Excel function to build insert statements from Excel data:

=”insert into [table name] select max(id)+1 , ‘”&A2&”‘ from [table name]”

SQL Order tables by creation date

order by 2 desc

Excel row formatting rules

A great tutorial on different formatting rules:

XPath Example – Attributes

This line will find the familyName attributes and thier values in TradeXML:


This line will find the values of nodes where attribute ‘name’ = ‘subject’:


Sketchflow – ChangePropertyAction

One thing I wanted to do was show/hide some elements. This is actually quite easy:

Assets -> Behaviours -> ChangePropertyAction

Then you set the visibility property on which ever trigger you like.

This blog lead me to it:


Interesting read:


SQL – Fill a column with a value

update [table] set [column] = ‘value’



alter table PI_15_0_0_SV add Language nchar(2) not null default ‘SV’ with values

insert into pi_15_0_0 select * from PI_15_0_0_SV