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SharePoint Doc Library – Simple But Effective

Matthias Hoffman has been showing me some of the functionality of SharePoint document libraries. I am new to SharePoint, but he was able to teach me a few things that achieve many of the goals the test incident InfoPath form achieves.

  • Test case documents (.docx) can be uploaded to a SharePoint library with a mandatory ‘Test Outcome’ field which will set the document to PASS, FAIL, FAIL and BUG or Test Not Complete.
  • A list view can be created to group documents by their test outcome, clearly showing trends. This is very useful, especially if we receive many test documents which I am sure we will.
  • The view can be exported to excel for statistics and graphing if desired.

This is a simple and almost elegant way organising a bunch of test report documents into a meaningful library of documents, with a minimum amount of configuration. The project team are quite happy with this method of collecting test data and have given it the go-ahead… 🙂

Im looking forward to exploring the functionality of  SharePoint further!

SharePoint Test Document List

SharePoint Test Document List


My First InfoPath Form

Being an ex Adobe SmartForms developer I found InfoPath interesting and very easy to create a form with some nice functionality. Continue reading