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SQL – DateDiff

How I figured out that the Sharepoint 180 day trial license ran out: Sharepoint started throwing strange errors, one of them being ‘your trial license has expired’ but other things still working, so I thought maybe this is just a known bug (the bug exists and is well known!) but with no way to tell how old the license is through the licensing page in the admin site which is STUPID, I checked the install date then ran this script in a random database to save me counting wrong.

SELECT DATEADD(dd,DATEDIFF(dd,0,’2013-03-27′)+180,0) ‘Expiry date’
select datediff(day,’2013-03-27′,’2013-09-24′) as ‘Days since installation’


SharePoint Doc Library – Simple But Effective

Matthias Hoffman has been showing me some of the functionality of SharePoint document libraries. I am new to SharePoint, but he was able to teach me a few things that achieve many of the goals the test incident InfoPath form achieves.

  • Test case documents (.docx) can be uploaded to a SharePoint library with a mandatory ‘Test Outcome’ field which will set the document to PASS, FAIL, FAIL and BUG or Test Not Complete.
  • A list view can be created to group documents by their test outcome, clearly showing trends. This is very useful, especially if we receive many test documents which I am sure we will.
  • The view can be exported to excel for statistics and graphing if desired.

This is a simple and almost elegant way organising a bunch of test report documents into a meaningful library of documents, with a minimum amount of configuration. The project team are quite happy with this method of collecting test data and have given it the go-ahead… 🙂

Im looking forward to exploring the functionality of  SharePoint further!

SharePoint Test Document List

SharePoint Test Document List

My First InfoPath Form

Being an ex Adobe SmartForms developer I found InfoPath interesting and very easy to create a form with some nice functionality. Continue reading